MINOX DC 1011 Carat
The new gold star in the MINOX ‘Fashion’ collection

A new lifestyle camera of 10-Mega Pixel’s from Wetzlar to reflect a new golden age in Digital Compact Cameras

In this case all that glitters is gold, plus diamonds that have
created the elegant MINOX DC 1011 Gold. Unique jewellery stirs all
kinds of emotions and the gold and diamonds used in this fully working
digital camera make it an unusual and even unique piece of camera
jewellery. There are 10 genuine diamonds surrounding the lens as a
marker of its uniqueness which, coupled with the camera body coated
with gold, presents an innovative, powerful digital camera with a
magnificent 10 megapixel image resolution. With the new DC 1011 Carat
taking digital photographs is an exclusive pleasure that promises
brilliant and satisfying images at the same time.

Minox designers have long understood the need to develop unique
lifestyle cameras for a demanding market that is always looking for
something beyond the norm. After all, the gadget and jewellery market
is full of unique and exciting ‘lifestyle’ product, so today, why not
digital cameras. Because of the inside workings of a camera there are a
limited number of materials that quality cameras can be manufactured
from, gold being one precious metal that suits camera production very

Each camera is finished by hand and so could be considered a work
of art in camera production. The Minox DC 1011 special edition has a
gold plated outer skin of 24 carat gold with ten 2mm diamonds at 0.03
carat each adorning the lens. This very unique look certainly does make
the DC 1011 Carat stand out in a crowd. Add the outstanding technical
features of the camera and its real value becomes evident.

Very impressive resolution via the fast MINOCTAR lens and
integrated picture stabilization which together make photography a
satisfying pleasure. The 10 megapixels guarantee that large
enlargements or even extreme sectional enlargements in poster-size are
a reality.

From auto focus to aperture setting up to white balance, the
automation of the camera takes care of all the important settings. If
wanted, the user can also take control of all the features and let
creativity take its course. Practical, ergonomically-formed features
and a logical menu guide complete the well thought-out concept of the
MINOX DC 1011 Carat.

The user can always keeps track of settings, subject and image by
the generously sized and sharp 2.5 inch TFT color display, which has a
special coating for minimizing reflections of direct solar radiation.
If the display is not going to be used then an optional optical
viewfinder with optical zoom is available. A digital zoom of up to 10.4
can act as a supplement to the triplicate zoom to enhance creativity.

Picture files, optional video clips with VGA-resolution or
voice-notes are stored on SD-cards with a capacity of up to 2 GB. In
addition the camera is equipped with a memory of 32 Megabyte. With a
built-in USB 2.0 port all data quickly can be transferred to a
computer. A removable lithium ion battery ensures the power supply. All
that you would expect in a ‘normal’ aluminium body digital camera.

The MINOX DC 1011 Carat is supplied in an elegant wooden box, with
an ever-ready case, wrist strap, lithium ion battery, power supply
unit, USB- and AV-cable, a manual as well as software for picture
preparation on a PC.

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