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How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW !!! Update 4 Feb 08

Posted on February 27, 2008.

How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW !!! Update 4 Feb 08p1010058.jpg

Well, I have come across some fantastic new promotional tools for artists in the last couple of months so it is time for another installment of ?How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW!!!.

Art Review Digital:

artreview.com is an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate. Our members are artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and the curious. As a members of artreview.com, you can:-Post artwork, blogs, videos and audio and have members rate and comment on it
-Find exciting new artists from around the world
-Sniff through last night?s party pics and post your own
-Keep up to date with news and access ArtReview magazine archives
-Find the galleries that represent the artists with ArtFinder
-Create your own discussion groups and forums
-Promote yourself and make friends

Lab For Culture

LabforCulture provides services to artists, cultural managers, producers, programmers, researchers and policy-makers.
We provide: -Information, research and analysis related to cultural cooperation and collaboration, including funding opportunities, critical perspectives, research, news, and contacts (organisations and networks).
-Online networking tools to enable and strengthen the capacity for cultural collaboration within the cultural sector.
-Promotion of the players engaged in cultural cooperation and their activities across Europe and beyond.
-Spaces for connections, exchanges and knowledge sharing between organisations and individuals.
-Platforms for discussion and discourse on current issues affecting the cultural sector.


The Goal of artmakr, is to bridge the gap between amateur and hobby artist, and snooty art galleries. Artmakr aims to take the vast and barren middle ground. It is our Mission to provide resource and inspiration to help more people, make art, and get paid for it. As well as to encourage more people to buy original art.

I Send You This

for the artist we provide:
-Own independent website: artist-controlled image and information upload.
-Promotion within the isendyouthis.com advertised and marketed website network.
-A secure credit/debit card payment facility that can be used in the studio or on-line.
-Art opportunity notification service
-Exhibition promotion service
-Gallery submission service
-Artwork cataloguing and sales recording
-Mailing list and press release services
-Work shown in online art galleries and online art fairs

The Art List

Since 2003, TheArtList.com has been a leading online resource for visual artists and photographers
who are looking for income and exhibition opportunities to enter. TheArtList.com?s searchable database of art contest and opportunity announcements includes a wide spectrum of content submitted by art galleries, institutions and art organizations.

Time to get busy!!!

How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW !!! Update 3

I receive many emails from artist?s asking how they can get noticed by galleries and dealers so I created this post to give artist?s some ideas for ways to promote themselves. The popularity of this post has motivated me to update it regularly as I come across new websites that would be of help to artist?s trying to promote themselves. If you have any suggestions for websites for this post then please contact me via the contact form on this blog.Updated 25/12/07 Online Galleries:

Red Bubble:

Art Mesh
Invite only: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=462506&highlight=artmesh

Folio Snap



The Art Group


Digital Consciousness

Organization of Independant Artists


Fine Arts Title Registry
-Capture personal commentary about each work of art: collectors will cherish it and the art?s value will be enhanced
-Certify your work was brought to life through your own creative effort; sign the Registered Certificate to use as your Certificate of Authenticity
-Begin provenance in the online record; it is transferred to the buyer and remains with the work forever
-Document and track your entire inventory with offsite, secure records

International Registry of Artists and Artwork
The IRAA is an authority in the registration of professional artists and artwork, and as such, serves anyone interested in art – including museums, historians, commercial galleries, educators, collectors, archivists, scholars, fine art publishers, universities, curators, estate managers, students, art insurers, and of course, artists.

Fine Art Adoption Network
FAAN is an online network, which uses a gift economy to connect artists and potential collectors. All of the artworks on view are available for adoption. This means acquiring an artwork without purchasing it, through an arrangement between the artist and collector. Our goal is to help increase and diversify the population of art owners and to offer artists new means for engaging their audience.

Artist Pension Trust
Artist Pension Trust® (APT) is the first investment program dedicated to the needs of emerging and mid-career artists. APT?s long-term financial planning services allow artists to invest their artworks alongside a community of select artists, thereby providing a uniquely diversified, alternative income stream

Update 9/8/07
I have received several suggestions of other websites where artists can promote their work so I have decided to add the new resources to the list. If you have any other websites that you think should be on the list then send me a message using the contact box.

For The Artists: GET NOTICED NOW!!art-show.jpgart-show.jpg

In response to a large number of artists asking me how to market their art I have decided to write a basic guide for artists on how to get noticed online. The internet has opened up endless opportunities for artists to promote and market their work but with so many avenues of exposure it can be difficult knowing which to utilise and which to avoid. To keep things simple I have created a list of the most important avenues of self promotion for artists and links to relevant resources.

One of the most important avenues of self promotion for artists is the involvement in, and interaction with communities of artists. By networking with other artists you get the benefit of their experiences, expertise and contacts within the art market which could lead to opportunities to exhibit your work, sell your work or be represented by a gallery of dealer. The internet has allowed global communities of artists to come together through online forums and groups to promote their work and enhance their marketing skills. There are many online communities of artists the best of which are:

Wet Canvas: http://www.wetcanvas.com
Saatchi Online Gallery: http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk
Surreal Art Forum: http://www.surrealartforum.com
Artists Network: http://www.artistsnetwork.com
Art Span: http://www.artspan.com
Online Visual Artists: http://www.onlinevisualartists.com
EBSQ Art: http://www.ebsqart.com/forum/
Art Forums UK: http://www.artforums.co.uk
D?art Fine Art: http://dart.fine-art.com/MessageList.asp?intBoardID=7966
Deviant Art Forum: http://www.deviantart.com

Online Galleries:
Online galleries allow you to create your own online exhibition space and also offer your work for sale. Even if you don?t sell anything, having your work in an online gallery is great exposure. There are lots of online galleries many of which are not very good so below is a list of some of the better online galleries:

Yessy: http://www.yessy.com
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com
Art By Us: http://www.artbyus.com
Imagekind: http://www.imagekind.com
Absolute Arts: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolio.html
Empty Easel: http://www.emptyeasel.com
Boundless Gallery: http://www.boundlessgallery.com
Ekaweeka: http://www.ekaweeka.com
Fine Art: http://www.fine-art.com

Art competitions are a great way of getting exposure for your work and allow you to compare your work against other artists. Below are some links to websites that list art competitions.

British Arts: http://www.britisharts.co.uk/competitions.htm
Art Deadlines List: http://www.artdeadlineslist.com/
Art Show: http://www.artshow.com
Saatchi Gallery Showdown: http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/

Art Marketing Websites:
Art Biz Blog: http://www.artbizblog.com
Art Biz Coach: http://www.artbizcoach.com
Art Business: http://www.artbusiness.com
About Art: http://painting.about.com/

Another fantastic way to gain exposure is to create a blog that documents your career as an artist. Below are some links to free blog platforms:

WordPress: http://www.wordpress.com
Blogger: http://www.blogger.com

Get your artwork printed on everything from mugs to t-shirts and even create prints of your work using these great customer merchandise creators
Cafepress: http://www.cafepress.com
Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com
Finer Works: http://www.finerworks.com
Art Cards Wanter: http://www.artcardswanted.com

Happy Creating!!!

Nick**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of artmarketblog.com, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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20 Responses to ?How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW !!! Update 4 Feb 08?

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All excellent resources. Can I mention two more sites which, through active participation have made a real difference to the recognition of my work. Firstly, http://www.deviantart.com which is an online gallery/networking site, and secondly http://www.millionmasterpiece.com which is an arts charity – but still drives lots of people to my work.

The important thing with any of these sites is to be active and forward at making contacts, posting in forums and about news etc. Don?t wait for people to come to you!

August 7, 2007

Thanks, Nicholas! And don?t forget to remind them to subscribe to this blog as well.

Alyson B. Stanfield
August 7, 2007

Thanks for including EBSQ, Nicholas!

Amie Gillingham
August 8, 2007

Thanks Alyson, Will do. The link for the Art Biz Blog is http://www.artbizblog.com/

Nick Forrest

August 21, 2007

Hi, thanks for the mention of http://www.artforums.co.uk . We also have a gallery forum where artists can display and sell their work with no charge whatsoever: http://www.artforums.co.uk/art-for-sale

Arty Ted
September 21, 2007

Display your art here free:
See Art that Talks Politics
See Clinton Years American Dream Reversed at

Tapsearch Editor
October 23, 2007

Wow! There is some great advice on info on this post.

November 30, 2007

Thanks for the nice collection of resources, Nicholas!

?Red Bubble? is another marketing site where artists are applying their work to a variety of merchandise.

Thanks for the post!

Lynda Lehmann
December 13, 2007

Thanks Linda, looks like another great resource for artists.
Nicholas Forrest

December 14, 2007

thank you Nicholas for the info. but i think your list was
no complite. here another gallery to show
your art. and they are realy so mant more?

hanna watts
December 14, 2007

Thanks for the post Hanna and for suggesting the site.

Nicholas Forrest

December 25, 2007

[?] Original post by artforprofits [?]

Fine Arts Articles » Blog Archive » How Artists Can Get Noticed NOW !!! Update 3
December 25, 2007

Thanks for the info. If you get a chance check out also Renee Phillips? ?Manhattan Arts International? at http://manhattanarts.com/ Renee is the author of 3 books on marketing for artists and just opened a new site with a juried gallery artists might be interested in.

Joe D
December 26, 2007

Great list, Nicholas. And slightly overwhelming?so many sites I?ve never been to. Thanks for sharing ArtBizCoach.com and ArtBizBlog.com.

Alyson B. Stanfield
December 26, 2007

Dear Joe,
Thanks for sharing that site, looks like a great resource.

Nicholas Forrest

December 26, 2007

[?] How artists can get themselves noticed. Another useful resource from Nicholas Forrest of the Art Market Blog. [?]

Selling Art Online: Tips from the Blogosphere | Art Blog Designs
January 18, 2008

Excellent website; great information!!!

Thank You!!!

January 24, 2008

Hi Nicholas,

I am an artist of differnt mediums. My main focus is cartoons. I have tried different websites, and approaches to be noticed, like the term ?dying artist.? Would you critique my work, and give me a suggestion on what road to take and how.

take care,


Dustin Rigg
February 14, 2008

Hi Nicholas, thank you very much for sharing this information :)
As an artist I find it difficult to promote myself – I have the blog so that?s a start!
Your site is a great resource.

Tanya Ruka
February 15, 2008

Thanks for the comment Tanya, glad you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned for further updates soon!!

February 20, 2008

Where’s The Comment Form?

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