[BUY:ART] IMAGEKING™ Washinton Post 07.03.14

Imagekind member Nikolas Schiller’s “Geospatial Art” was featured on the front page of today’s Washington Post Style Section.

This is a very interesting article about Nikolas’s
prolific use of public domain geological surveys, formed into personal
and political statements that coincide with his other interactive uses
of cartography and data collection. His work usually stimulates a wide
variety of responses – which is a large part of his interest in
creating it.

“His map quest is for more than just art, let alone
directions from here to there. In a way, it’s a pixelated riff that
hyperlinks to ancient times, when maps implied a worldview — flat or
round? — and cartography was existential.”

Nikolas’s online presence is also notoriously, and purposely, hard to find – but he has much of his work available exclusively here on Imagekind. I encourage everyone to check out the article and browse his galleries; the story and these creations show a unique and especially interesting point of view that is certainly worth a look.

Washington Monument Quilt by Nikolas R. Schiller

Washington Monument Quilt by Nikolas R. Schiller

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