REVIEW Polaroid 600SE


Polaroid 600 SE

Anyone lucky enough (and some would say strong enough) to hold and shoot with this amazing metal & glass marvel will instantly fall in love!
Originally manufactured in 1978 to the early 90’s the 600/600 SE is the Numero Uno professional Polaroid camera.

It’s excellent features combined with it’s razor sharp coated/color-correct ed Mamiya lenses ensures stunning mind blowing polaroids! The 600 version differs from the SE in that it has a fixed 127mm lens, the 600 SE can take 3 different bayonet mount lenses.

Fantabulous Features:

  • Variable aperture and shutter settings: Enables better stop- action and depth-of-field
  • Bright-imag e coincidence type rangefinder: Ensures sharp focus and accurate framing
  • Sturdy handgrip with adjustable handstrap: Simplifies handling and operation
  • Comes with standard Mamiya 127mm f/4.7 lens ~ produces incredible crisp, full-range images
  • Other coated, color-corrected lenses available (600 SE – see below)
  • Stunning Specifications:

  • Shutter: 1/500-B with X-synch for flash
  • Flash: Uses conventional flash with X-synch
  • Interchange able backs for flexibility
  • Diecast aluminum body (super sturdy)
  • 600 SE lens options:

  • Normal lens: 127mm (f/4.7) bayonet
  • Wide-ang le lens: 75mm (f/5.6) bayonet
  • Portrait lens: 150mm (f/5.6) bayonet
  • This camera uses all Polaroid 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ instant pack films, including: 669 and 690 film (color prints); 664 and 667 film (B&W prints).
    With the appropriate adaptors and backs it can also shoot 4 x 5 Polaroid Instant film as well as 120 format film.

    ( © review by artpunk)

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    One Response to “REVIEW Polaroid 600SE”

    1. 1 whoismaui

      i have the oppprtunity to but one from a trusted soiurce, unused/still in the box – for $250.00.


      can’t wait.

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