[PROCESS] MP4 4X5′ by Polaroid


Polaroid MP-4 4×5 Camera

Here is a portable version of the Polaroid MP-4 4×5 copy camera. Auction is for the MP-4 bellows, single head removable back, Rodenstock 127mm lens with cable release and MP-4 lensboard, MP-4 tripod adapter, and a Polaroid 545 sheet film holder.

Camera is rigid and does not allow movements (tilt, shift, swing, etc.) but there are a few advantages to it over a lot of other view and field cameras. One, yourfilm plane and lens stage are always parallel and centered. Two, the lens extends forward so the rails are always behind the camera-especially handy if you are doing extreme close up photography, there is no front bed or rails to get in your way when your subject is right up next to your lens. Three, other than a Linhof, Speed or Crown Graphic, etc. where you can focus by rangefinder this is about the fastest, easiest 4×5 camera to focus and compose with that you will find. The Rodenstock lens has two cable release fittings (note that only one cable release is included), one release opens and closes the lens for focus and composition, the other takes the picture.

The Rodenstock lens is a flat field copy lens but it is still well suited
for general purpose photography, you can shoot landscapes, portraits, etc. with it and also be ready to do copy work and close up photography. Bellows extends roughly 10 inches, so you can focus down to 1:1 macro with this lens. Glass is in good condition, shutter is self cocking and works at all speeds.

Bellows is is in excellent condition and guaranteed light tight- I have many of these and if you have should encounter any problems with it within the first 30 days, I will gladly send you another bellows at no charge. Note that the original foam seal should be replaced on the removable camera back (see the last photo)- it does not leak light at present but you still may want to make another seal out of black felt which you can get at any fabric store- no big deal.

The 545 film holder has plenty of cosmetic wear but works great and the rollers are clean and it accepts Polaroid sheet films such as types 55 (gives you a black and white negative as well as a positive print), 59 (used for the image/emulsion transfer process), 54 (100 ASA black and white), 57 (3000 ASA black and white) and a few others. You can also shoot Kodak Readyload and Fuji
Quickload films, which are standard negative and transparency 4×5 films which are sleeved like Polaroid films and gives you the benefit of daylight loading and speed and ease of use.

I just sold an MP-4 tripod adapter for $69.00, they are fairly rare, I sell the 545 film holders for an average of $50.00 or better, the lenses for $60.00 and up, and the MP-4 single camera heads for $50.00 and up also, so you can see that the package is a pretty good value. I have plenty of the double sliding heads if you need one and plenty of MP-4 parts, shutters, lenses, etc. if you need them, feel free to inquire.

Buy it Now Price 199$ from
from ebay’s hastie studio online shop
Add Shipping $59.00 Overseas.
Total 92,00Euros

The User Guides are Adobe PDF files. You will need Acrobat Reader
to view and print these files.




Auto Processor
1.00 MB
Sheet Film Guide
1.14 MB
Pro Film Holder
529 KB
Film Holder
753 KB
Film Holder Operational Tips
380 KB
600/600SE 1.9 MB
Film Processor
1.00 MB
503 KB
35 Plus
308 KB
Holga 92 KB
177 KB
Pack Film Guide
854 KB
3 (Multi-Language)
332 KB
3/5 IntraOral Dental Kit
95 KB
274 KB
5/3 SLR-1200
226 KB
5/3 SLR-1200 (Multi-Language)
1.40 MB
MicroCam 188 KB
with the MP-4 / MP-4+
101 KB
Pinhole 1.34 MB
Photography Handbook
5.65 MB
ProCam 538 KB
ProPack 993 KB

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