[NETWORK] radar, iphone and flickr


Ready for more?

Radar for iPhone and iPod Touch

We’re excited to announce a whole new Radar web app for iPhone and iPod Touch featuring a whole new, touch-friendly interface to make it easier to navigate and browse. As a bonus, videos on Radar can be streamed and played in the built-in video player. Check out the Vimeo channel in the Gallery for some great new videos to watch.

Radar for iPhone and iPod Touch are accessible, as always, at http://radar.net in the Safari browser. Bookmark it today. We look forward to hearing feedback from all you Apple fans out there.

Radar Mobile Application v2.0

We’ve added a ton of new functionality on the Radar Mobile App:

The new Radar Gallery is now available across all mobile platforms: the mobile website; the mobile application v2.0 for Java MIDP, RIM BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones; and the iPhone and iPod Touch!
Radar for BlackBerry has a new feature to keep you in touch with new pictures and videos–background updates! The application will regularly check the server (you decide how frequently) and automatically refresh the content in the different views. In addition, you can choose to enable system pop-up prompts when new content is available, keeping you up to date even when Radar is hidden and running in the background. Download the new version today from http://radar.net and check out the new Settings in the Updates category.

Finally, Radar for Windows Mobile is now out of “beta”. With this release, we now support both Smartphone/Classic and Pocket PC/Professional devices. You can use your keyboard or your stylus to interact with the Radar mobile application, including those devices with both input modes and rotating screens. Envious of your iPhone-toting friends? With Radar, you simply tap and drag on the screen to scroll the contents- no scrollbars!

We’ll be working hard to make sure we support as many popular phones as we can with Radar. If you don’t see a download available, keep checking back, and don’t hesitate to drop us an email or a comment to let us know!

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