[PHONE] skype vs gizmo_?

Skype vs. Gizmo UI? Hah! No comparison
Posted by Russell Shaw @ 7:05 am

OK, now I am on record as saying that Skype has cheaper calling plans than the Gizmo Project. But what about the user experience? Or, as we geeks call it, the UI? (User Interface).On this count, any objective observer would have to say that the Gizmo Project rules.

Let us first consider the overarching reason. Skype’s UI and functionality is kind of bare bones. Many hundreds of relatively easy – and some not so easy- third-party plug-ins and mods are available. But to dress up Skype all nice, you have to do some of the work. But Gizmo Project’s softphone already comes with some of the bells

and whistles that you have to add to Skype. One-button call record,
call mapping, voice mail, more intuitive chat, integrated weather info.

And the “eye candy” factor? Gizmo Project’s softphone is pretty. Lots of cool colors. Skype is pretty- ugly. Bland.

Yes, but what about the call itself? I am in the middle of testing both SkypeOut and Gizmo CallOut. I should be done in a few days. Come back to read what I found. Meanwhile, feel free to post a TalkBack about what you think.

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