[TOYZ] Taipei Toy Festival ’08 Giveaways


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May 28, 2008
Taipei Toy Festival ’08 – Giveaways

As we get closer to the opening of the Taipei Toy Testival (7.10 – 7.13),show organizer Monster Taipei is starting to release more details about the show. The official poster designed by Winson Ma
lists all the exhibitors (pretty much a who’s who of asian toy
companies and artists) as well as the giveaway toys. The daily
giveaway(four in all) will be available to the first 500 people with
paid admission. There’s a CiBoy from Red Magic, Snify – the canine companion to Smery (stinky tofu) by Devilrobots, a Molly keychain from Kennyswork and a Lau Lau mini. There’s also a 3″ Homer Simpson Qee available for purchase — but it looks exactly like the NYCC exclusive offered by Toy Tokyo. One last thought — Brothersfree is listed as an exhibitor, very interesting.

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