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Kate Moss’s Hologram For Alexander McQueen Kate Moss appeared as a ghostly apparition for the finale of Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter runway show back in 2006. Though it’s not technically a hologram, the magic used by McQueen is actually called Pepper’s Ghost, an illusion used in the early days of cinema, where the image is projected […]

Boy George presents his 60 minute radio show, Club Culture, every month for your aural pleasure! Produced by The NoiseHouse

[ ♥ ] loved it ! lol … My story will focus on my search for god at times, but I am telling you now, the gods I find, in my dreamcinations, are not in any way worthy of being worshipped as omnipotent, soul saving, they are not the return of Jesus, nor an […]

Bon Plan Petite Couronne.