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Presented entirely in #signlanguage without subtitles, Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s “#silent” thriller The Tribe will challenge your understanding of #cinema – and also how you view humanity. The Ukrainian director’s gripping debut swept up prizes at #Cannes and #LondonFilmFestival with good reason. Set at a boarding school for #deafchildren, the pupils have established their own criminal hierarchy […]

Charlie Hebdo, Zero Tolerance, and Freedom of Speech #moma :

[ ♥ ] loved it ! lol … My story will focus on my search for god at times, but I am telling you now, the gods I find, in my dreamcinations, are not in any way worthy of being worshipped as omnipotent, soul saving, they are not the return of Jesus, nor an […]

visualiser la video online Videoposté le 2007-11-08Brain Dead Les blessures cérébrales et les métamorphoses de l’identité par Catherine Malabou, philosophe. Il devient de plus en plus impossible aujourd’hui de penser séparément cerveau et psyché. La vie de l’inconscient n’est pas distincte de la plasticité de l’organisation neuronale. Mais comment le montrer puisque le cerveau ne […]