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Kate Moss’s Hologram For Alexander McQueen Kate Moss appeared as a ghostly apparition for the finale of Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter runway show back in 2006. Though it’s not technically a hologram, the magic used by McQueen is actually called Pepper’s Ghost, an illusion used in the early days of cinema, where the image is projected […]

Boy George presents his 60 minute radio show, Club Culture, every month for your aural pleasure! Produced by The NoiseHouse

[ ♥ ] loved it ! lol … My story will focus on my search for god at times, but I am telling you now, the gods I find, in my dreamcinations, are not in any way worthy of being worshipped as omnipotent, soul saving, they are not the return of Jesus, nor an […]

Fairtrade status turns out to be a somewhat heady brew By Annette McIntyre Cristina Talens, ethical trading manager of Bettys. Some might call it a storm in an ethically traded teacup but justice for Third World farmers has been the subject of some surprising disputes at Ilkley Parish Council. An apparently non-controversial resolution to back […]

A nice cuppa brewed on fair trade Cristina Talens, an ethical trading manager, on why her company takes corporate social responsibility seriously Fay Schopen There isn’t an immediate link between toasted teacakes and human rights in Guatemala, but Cristina Talens bridges the divide. She started her working life toasting teacakes at Bettys Café Tea Rooms […]